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Name Bazaar is the only non-exclusive discount broker and marketplace to buy & sell domain names. We do NOT restrict any domain name by its commercial valuation, TLD etc to be listed here. It is FREE to list UNLIMITED domain names as we charge our discounted FEE once the transaction is fully complete i.e. domain name is successfully escrowed and transferred.

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Domain Name Keyword Keyword Length Description Price (USD) Flex, Space 4, 5 Flexible Office Spaces, Warehouses, Cold Storages etc. $ 90.0 Buy Now FuKe 4 FuKe is a Chinese Pinyin - 妇科,福客,复刻,富客,复课 which means GOOD FORTUNE, HAPPINESS, LUCK, CUSTOMER, DOUBLE etc. $ 1,000,000.00 Buy Now Healthy, Space KeyWord Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. $ 90.0 Buy Now Jobs, Plate 4, 5 Do you have enough jobs on your plate? $ 90.0 Buy Now Lorhi 5 Lorhi or Lohri is a North Indian festival, and also a surname used in Switzerland. $ 60.0 Buy Now Perfume, Bags 7, 4 Perfume Bags have always been the fashion craze! $ 180.0 Buy Now Reach, Space KeyWord Mars Colonization, Moon Mining, Space Stations, Micro-Satellites etc are the future. $ 129.0 Buy Now Reach, Billions KeyWord Reach to billions by investing in cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, AI, VR, CV, ML, Business, Real Estate, Equity, Commodities, Currency, Domain Names etc. $ 149.0 Buy Now
ScrapMetal.Trade Scrap, Metal, Trade 4, 5 Trade related to scrap metal. $ 199.0 Buy Now VRVC 4 Virtual Realty Venture Capital. $ 900.0 Buy Now
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